Kate Ingram  Biography:

I am Kate Ingram and I taught children 31 years of my life. During my years of teaching, I fostered my love of art by creating with children. About 10 years ago I decided to pursue my own interest in art. My first adventure was watercolor, followed by painted paper collage, pastel, and then acrylics. Our local area is rich with many talented artists. I feel fortunate to have studied with many including Susan Spears, Ruth Armitage, Ann Munson, Jude Siegel, Melissa Gannon, Margaret Terrall, and Sharon Stevenson. I belong to a small group of artists that meet on Fridays to critique and create together.. I feel grateful for their friendship and our art connection. Currently, you can find my work at a gallery in Milwaukee, “Cowgirl at Heart”, and at “ Curves” in West Linn.

Artist Statement :

My art is a marriage of my vision and emotions. I commonly use an underpainting in my acrylic artwork. It may peek through into the finished painting to add visual interest. Sometimes the underpainting is black or ochre. Many times it is a vibrant color unrelated to the object. My intent is to uniquely express the people, flowers and places of the great Northwest. Occasionally I include a travel adventure. I recently finished a series of painting that were painted in a Vincent Van Gogh style, bold strokes with vibrant colors. These paintings always included a crow, a bird that has significance for me. The crow represents a message of “pay attention”. This series was called Vincent Van Crow. There is a bit of levity in the combining of these two ideas. During a troubled economic and political time, this silliness made me smile. My intent is to convey some of my feelings: I am fortunate to live in such a magnificent place, and grateful for each day.                                   



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