Jane Gillespie
Artist Statement:

After dabbling in painting and drawing for many years I finally made the decision to show my work and display my recent works. I enjoy working with acrylic paint and my work has progressed over time to larger and larger pieces. I enjoy the freedom of painting on a large scale. My paintings are usually done in vibrant colors, incorporating a semi-abstract style. Over the past few years I have taken several classes from Sharon Stevenson and admire her talent and patience. I am inspired by nature, gardens, and things that are special to people. I enjoy visiting art museums, art history and observing how the great artists of the world have created wonderful pieces of art. I am also inspired by the artists in the workshops at Cowgirl at Heart and am grateful for their encouragement and support. I currently live in NE Portland with my husband Ben and Sadie the Labradoodle. Recently I wrote and illustrated a children’s book for my five grandchildren, entitled “Sadie Star Becomes a Friend”. I hope to inspire them to appreciate art as I do.

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